• Moves Changes and Relocations

The business areas within an organisation are frequently expanding or contracting as markets shift, the skill and the coordination required to cater with these requests, often at short notice, are varied.

SGB Solutions have 20 years experience in the planning of moves and churn, and the incorporation of IT and Electrical services; and are well placed to meet these demands.

Relocations are quite often large scale, with several hundred people moving to another building. Coordination of such a move requires expert project management. We can undertake the coordination, movement, or provision of internal and external services, physical relocation of IT equipment, furniture, personal filing and belongings.

Following a Relocation, we provide support to ensure that users and the client are totally satisfied with the project. We provide on-site support as a standard cover to assist with the inevitable minor amendments, which occur.

SGB Solutions can also provide Move Management to ensure that the client receives expert management and benefit of our experience as well as taking the pressure off the client which enables the normal day to day work to proceed as usual.

A successful move is not down to luck, it's due to effective planning and good management.

Sample Projects

* Phased re-stack of 750 users including IT equipment & furniture for Visa International at offices in Paddington Basin - London.

* Moves and relocation of users across various locations for Orange Network Services - including IT and Floorbox relocations.

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